Proud of our heritage​

Over 3 decades of reliable service

We’ve been a trusted representative of independent telecommunications companies across Wisconsin for more than 30 years, and we’re in it for the long haul.

We were foundational in implementing BadgerNet, one of the largest and most sophisticated telecommunications networks in America. Our communities rely upon us to keep it connected, and we always answer the call.

Highly invested in education

We have been strongly committed to providing the best access to education possible by using cutting edge technological solutions. As a major stakeholder in Badgernet, Access Wisconsin provides quality telecommunications services across the state to:

University of Wisconsin campuses


K-12 schools

Various tribal and technical colleges

Our affiliations

We leverage the collective resources of our telecom partners to deliver dependable, world-class service across the state. We do this on behalf of, for and alongside several other leading organizations.

Our journey

From a small collection of Telcos in the late 1980s, through the digital revolution, and into the 21st century, Access Wisconsin has provided guidance and technical expertise at every step of our state’s telecommunications development. 


Advocating for rural broadband

Erik CaPaul, CEO, witnesses the signing Assembly Bill 344 (AB 344), which incentivizes rural broadband deployment. Access Wisconsin is a strong supporter of the bill.


State project brings fiber connections to hundreds of libraries

All of the libraries, governmental and educational institutions on the BadgerNet Converged Network, in every corner of Wisconsin, receive new, state-of-the-art fiber optic broadband connections. Access Wisconsin and its members/partners were instrumental in making this happen, particularly for rural Wisconsin


Single major advanced fiber optic network

Wisconsin’s Department of Administration, using Access Wisconsin and others, merges all its digital traffic into a single major advanced fiber optic network covering all 72 counties with over 2,000 end-user locations. 


Strategic BadgerNet partner

Access Wisconsin becomes a strategic partner in BadgerNet, one of the largest and most sophisticated telecommunications networks of its kind in America. BadgerNet is a flexible, high-capacity telecommunications network that provides institutions across the state of Wisconsin with reliable and efficient connectivity.


Northwest Wisconsin Educational Communications System

Access Wisconsin partners with the Northwest Wisconsin Educational Communications System (NWECS) to launch Wisconsin's second full-motion, digital, fiber optic video distance learning network.


Access Wisconsin Founded

Access Wisconsin is established when several independent telephone companies band together to offer an efficient and effective way to provide collective services. We started with video distance education, offering a single point of contact to both the education community and our member companies.