Connecting Wisconsin

Reliable. Flexible. Efficient.

Access Wisconsin partners with companies across the state to deliver cutting-edge technology projects. You deserve the best — reach out to us today!

Extensive client base

Through our partnerships, Access Wisconsin provides reliable and efficient connectivity to our end users in highly stable and attractive customer markets.

State government agencies




University of Wisconsin campuses


K-12 schools

Various tribal and private colleges

Badger power

BadgerNet is one of the largest and most sophisticated telecommunications networks of its kind in America.

This flexible, high-capacity network has revolutionized connectivity in our state, and Access Wisconsin has been a strategic partner from the very beginning. 

Impressive legacy

Access Wisconsin is deeply invested in your community. We’ve been a trusted partner for more than 30 years.

What we deliver

Technology consulting

Expert advice, planning and support. We specialize in big projects.

Installations and upgrades

From initial design and project management through to implementation.

Remote support

Our trained professionals are available remotely for agile and efficient support.

On-site support

We'll dispatch qualified professional technicians to solve your problems on-site.

Local call center

Leverage a local network call center that delivers statewide services.

Billing systems

No hassle development and management of vendor agnostic billing systems.

Video collaboration

From the classroom to the boardroom, video collaboration is in our DNA.

Resource acquisitions

We offer a broad network of technology professionals to meet your specialty needs.

Working on a telecommunications or other advanced technology proposal?

Access Wisconsin has a strong batting average. From the simple to the complex, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re working on any significant telecommunications bid in our state, trust us — you’ll want to add Access Wisconsin to your team.