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Getting your tech across the state just got easier

Negotiation with multiple service providers is time-consuming and complicated. Access Wisconsin makes it easy as your single point of contact with more than 25 independent communications service providers.

Access the strategy, resources and infrastructure you need to:


Accelerate time to market


Reduce capital and operational costs


Improve the quality of projects

Our family of leading technology services

Access Wisconsin is proud to offer highly specialized technology solutions through its  subsidiary –  AW Technology Services

School & Libraries

Schools are dependent on technology, yet they rarely have the resources to access and maintain their technology safely.

K12 Technology Group provides peace of mind with secure, reliable and robust connections and technology services so schools can function as they should.

Business Solutions

Technology and cybersecurity are evolving so rapidly that businesses can no longer rely on internal resources to manage and maintain their IT needs.

With Wave 2 Networks, you’ll have an entire team of IT experts protecting and maintaining your security, data, connections and equipment

Data Management & Recovery

Businesses need easy and secure access to their data, but in-house solutions are costly with the rapid pace of technology, cyber threats, and equipment. 

Go Live Backup is the future of data management with instant and secure access to your data and dependable, secure and comprehensive backups.

Access your championship team

Strategy, structure and planning to help your organization succeed. 

Access Wisconsin is able to pull together big-league talent through an extended network of service providers. We have the network, resources and reach to deliver advanced, large-scale technology projects

Big-league talent

Access Wisconsin is a long-time strategic partner in BadgerNet, one of the largest and most sophisticated telecommunications networks in America. 

This flexible, high-capacity network provides institutions across Wisconsin—including state and municipal governments, schools, colleges and the University of Wisconsin—with reliable and efficient connectivity.

Wisconsin's trusted technology partner

Together with BadgerNet, Access Wisconsin has been a partner in the delivery of affordable, scalable, future-proof, and secure high speed broadband to:

State agencies
Schools and libraries

Get started with Access Wisconsin

Step 1: Audit

We audit and diagnose your current needs and goals to provide customized solutions. 

Step 2: Roadmap

We develop a technology services roadmap to ensure your plan meets your requirements and budget.

Step 3: Service

We provide safe and reliable service so you can get back to work and leave the tech to your trusted partner.

We team up with the best

Access Wisconsin has established strong relationships with many like-minded organizations and associations involved in technology services across the state. They expect us to deliver dependable and technologically-advanced solutions in your community. We’ll do the same for you.

Access the resources you need to provide safe, reliable and robust technology solutions

Build strong relationships with the key players you need to deliver dependable and technologically-advanced solutions in your community with Access Wisconsin.